Motion Theme Integration - QAB

Step 1: Select the placeholder option

  1. Select the last option under the "position" setting in the bar configuration in the App
  2. Scrolling to the very end, and click the "Save" button to save the change

Step 2: Add the bar

  1. Go to Admin > Online Store > Themes
  2. Click the "Actions" button on the right-hand side, and select "Edit code"
  3. Find header.liquid from the left-hand side file list and open it
  4. Find <div class="header-wrapper
  5. At top, add the following code after it and save the changes.
<div id="qab_placeholder"></div>

Step 3: Add the CSS

  1. Find theme.scss.liquid from the left-hand side file list and open it
  2. At the end of the file, add the following code and save the changes.