Free Shipping Bar by Hextom FAQ

1. Why is the bar not showing up on my website?

Please check the detailed guide here to see the potential reasons

2. The bar covers parts of my website, how to fix it?

If you have checked the question above, and could not find the solution. Please email us and include your store URL; we will investigate it for you.

3. Can I have multiple free shipping bars on my website?

If you want to have different bars for different countries, and/or on different pages, and/or during different time period, and/or for different customers, then yes. This is available in the premium plan.

4. Can I have more than one free shipping bars on the same page at the same time?

No, based on our research, having 2 free shipping offers on the same page would cause distraction to customers and impact the conversion rate. Hence, you can have one bar display on a page at any given time.

However, we support to have multiple bars to target different countries, and/or on different pages, and/or during different time periods, and/or for different customers.

5. I offer free shipping for all orders and all products, can I achieve this with free shipping bar?

Yes, please check the detailed instructions here

6. I have installed other bars designed by Hextom, can they work together with Free Shipping bar?

Yes, all the bar Apps (FSB, QAB, ECB, CTB) can work together. If you would like to have more than one of them to display on the same page at the same time, please check detailed guide here.

7. How to create the free shipping rules?

Step 1: Go to Admin > Settings > Shipping.
Step 2: Create a shipping zone or under an existing shipping zone where you want to offer free shipping
Step 3: Click "Add a shipping rate".
Step 4: Select "Free shipping".
Step 5: Select "Based on order price"
Step 6: Input minimum price (should be same as the goal in FSB)
Step 7: Click "Save"
Now you can create a bar by clicking the "Create New" button below the FAQ section.

8. What features are offered in the premium plan (compare to the free plan)?

With Free version, you could configure multiple bars, but only one could be active.
With Premium version
1. Multiple active bars: you can offer free shipping at different prices depending on the countries and/or time period
2. Auto-scheduling: you can configure multiple bars for the several months, then sit back and relax. The App automatically displays them based on the schedule.
3. Auto-currency conversion: the bar can auto-detect visitors' local currencies, and convert goal and money amount on the bar with our hourly updated exchange rates.
4. Performance tracking: App tracks the times of Free Shipping goal achievements, and presents in the table below. You could optimize the message, goal amount, and style of the bar based on this metric.
5. Bar background image: use a holiday themed bar background image to make your whole site more relevant to the shopping season.
6. Upload your own background image: Put your own branding on the bar; Use product image on the bar. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

9. How much is the premium plan?

The premium plan is $4.99/mo.

10. Can I create multiple bars with different shipping goals to different countries?

For example, if you want to have:
Bar 1: Offer free shipping within U.S. for orders over $100 dollars
Bar 2: Offer free shipping worldwide for orders over $200 dollars

This is how you do it:
Create Bar 1 with Unite States in the "Geo Target", Bar 2 and leave its "Geo Target" empty.
In general, the App prefers and displays the Bars with explicit geo target configuration over the generic ones. Therefore, if visitors from the U.S. visit the website, the App displays Bar 1; if visitors from other countries, the App displays Bar 2.

Note: You do not need to select all the countries except U.S. for Bar 2, just leave the "geo target" blank.

11. What does stats/unique achieve mean?

The "unique achieve" under stats is tracked and used to measure the performance of each bar.
One goal achieve with bar display in each browsing session = 1 unique achieve
For example, When a visitor achieves the free shipping goal, and the free shipping bar displays for that. It is counted as 1 unique achieve. If the same visitor removes and adds items to meet the goal again, it does not count

12. Why it stop displaying after I use a new theme to my store?

Please check your Free Shipping Bar position settings under Step 2: Configuration.

Odds are it selects the option “Place the Free Shipping Bar at any position”.

With this option, a bit of code needs to be added to your theme at desired position. Once it is done, your Free Shipping Bar will be back.

13. Use a comma separator in currency

Unfortunately, the Free Shipping Bar currently doesn’t support the comma separator in currency.


14. Align the message to the left

Unfortunately, the Free Shipping Bar currently doesn’t support the left aligned text.


15. Adding new fonts

We will add new fonts to our development pipeline. More new fonts will be released in our future update.


16. Cancel the Premium plan

To cancel the premium plan:

  • Uninstall the Free Shipping Bar app
  • Install the Free Shipping Bar app again

 Your Free Shipping Bar will be switched to the free plan immediately. All your previous settings will be kept as is.


17. Multilingual messages for different customers

To show a message in your language, you can simply put the message in your language into the “Text” related fields. Our Geo Target feature will be very helpful if you would like to show the message only to the customers from the corresponding countries.

If you like showing bilingual messages, 2 active bars will do the work with different Geo Target settings.


18. Use the free shipping bar only in specified products

There is a display option you could find in the app. You could show the Free Shipping Bar based on a URL. A screenshot is attached for your reference.


19. Does the bar display on the checkout page?

The bar is feasible to display on any pages of your store. However, the checkout page access is Shopify Plus merchants only. This is defined by Shopify. Therefore, it is feasible to display the bar on the checkout page if you are a Shopify Plus merchant.


20. How to test if my geo targeting works?

This test requires the knowledge of how VPN and browsers work together. We strongly recommend asking your developer to test it for you.

A 3rd-party Chrome VPN plugin is recommended for the test. You can download it from

To be on the safe side, please active the plugin and view your store from the same Chrome tab. Some VPN tools are tab based. Doing this will avoid the testing confusions.

During the test, please refresh your page a couple of times to clear the browser cache.

When you test it, please open this link on the same browser and the same tab to verify your IP.

If your IP is correct and the geo-targeted message still doesn't show, please send a screenshot and the IP shown on the website ( to us. Therefore, we could further investigate the reason it doesn’t work during your test.


21. What are the prices Free Shipping Bar convert?

The auto currency converter only converts the amount on the bar, not the prices on your website. It is different from some other currency Apps you installed, and can not replace it.


22. Could the currency symbol stays behind the numbers?

The Free Shipping Bar app does not support to place the symbol behind the numbers at the moment.


If you could not find answers above, please email us and include your store URL; we will help you out.